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Camping Kenya safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Amboseli - 3 Days
Nairobi | Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Amboseli - 7 Days
Samburu | Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara | Amboseli - 13 Days
Maasai Mara | Lake Naivasha | Samburu | Tsavo West - 12 days

Kenya Lodge Safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Amboseli - 3 Days
Nairobi - Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Amboseli - 7 Days
Nairobi - Maasai Mara - Lake Nakuru - Samburu - 8 Days
Maasai Mara | Amboseli | Samburu | Tsavo - 13 Days

Kenya Flying Safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Samburu | Amboseli | Maasai Mara - 8 Days

Safaris from Mombasa

Mombasa | Tsavo - 1 Day
Mombasa | Salt Lick- 2 Days
Tsavo East | T. West - 2 Days
Tsavo East | T. West - 3 Days
Tsavo East | Amboseli - 4 Days
Mombasa Beach Safaris

Bird Watching Safaris

Maasai Mara | Lake Naivasha | L. Bogoria | Samburu - 9 Days
Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Mt. Kenya | Amboseli - 13 Days

Mount Kenya Climbing

Chogoria Route - 7 Days
Narumoro Route - 5 Days
Sirimon Route - 6 Days

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Umbwe Route - 7 Days
Marangu Route - 7 Days
Machame Route - 8 Days

Kenya Special Safaris

Honeymoon Safari - 6 Days
Hot Air Balloon Safari
Missionary Safari
Educational Tour
Walking Safari
Golf safari

Nairobi- Mombasa Safaris

Rhino Special - 13 Days
Nyati Special - 15 Days

Tanzania Safaris

Ngorongoro Crater - 3 Days
Tanzania Classic - 4 Days
Discover Tanzania - 6 Days
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Kenya Safaris & Holidays, Safari From Mombasa. Mombasa Beach Holidays & Safaris

Welcome to Kenya Safari, a comprehensive resource for researching, planning and booking your safari to Kenya. We offer a wealth of information and experience to help you plan and book your Kenya safari.

Below and on your left is a list of the most popular safaris that are on offer in Kenya. These safaris take place in diverse parts of Kenya and allow you to experience the best of Kenya's wildlife, sandy beaches, unique landscapes and friendly people.

We strive to meet your every need. Safaris are not fixed and can be tailor made to fit your preferences and budge. Feel free to drop us an email with your preferences and thoughts. We will patiently work together with you to fulfil your dream Kenya safari and beach holiday.

Safaris are on offer either using safari minivans or 4 wheel drive land cruisers depending on your budget and area you would like to visit. The most popular areas include, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Aberdares, Amboseli, Samburu and Mombasa for a Kenya Beach Holiday.

We cater for families, individuals, couples, honeymoomers and business travelers whether you prefer a short stay safari or a longer trip in Kenya, we are ready too work with you to fulfil your safari needs. Feel free to contact us via the email address at the bottom left hand side with your enquiry, you shall get a reply within 24 hours.

4 x 4 (4 wheel Drive) Safaris in Kenya

We have listed below 4 * 4 Kenya Safaris to the best of Kenyan National Parks in comfortable Safari Customized Totota Land Cruisers or Land Rovers. These private ane exclusive safaris are aimed at persons seeking overland travel in comforable yet rugged vehciles which can access all areas of Kenya at reasonable prices.
8 Days Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Amboseli Safari Starting from US$ 225
10 Days Samburu Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Amboseli Safari Starting from US$ 525

Short Safaris in Kenya

If you have limited time to spend in Kenya, are on a business trip in Kenya Maasai Mara Kenya Safarior you just find yourself with a few hours to a few days to spare in Kenya. Our short safaris are a perfect way to spend your time on a memorable trip in Kenya. Kenya has a wide range of areas that can be visited on a short duration and are quite close to Nairobi. You could take a day trip to Lake Nakuru National Park, visit the Nairobi National Park located close to the city center and is one of the very few places in the world that you can see wildlife and in a few minutes return to the concrete jungle right next to the natural forest and savannah grasslands. You could unwind at the Hell's Gate National Park riding a mountain bike amongst the bufalloes, zebras and an occassional leopard or hike in the Hells' Gate Gorge. You could also take a short trip to the Masai Mara, the best place to view wildlife in Kenya. Time is not the limit. Your imagination is.....
Day Trip To Lake Nakuru Starting from US$ 225
2 Days The Ark Starting from US$ 525
2 Days Lake Nakuru Starting from US$ 305
3 Days Amboseli Starting from US$ 595
3 Days Maasai Mara Starting from US$ 599
3 Days Ark - Sweet Waters Starting from US$ 599
3 DaysTsavo East - Tsavo West Starting from US$ 599
Kenya Camping Safaris
Kenya Camping Safari to Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Samburu, Tsavo East & West Your budget does not need to limit your adventure in Kenya. Camps are available where you can spend the night on your safari in Kenya. Camps have beds, bed linen, flush toilets, private bathroom with hot water shower and electricity to charge your cameras, laptops and other accessories. Your security is guaranteed by roaming Masai Morans whom night visitors and animals dread....
Maasai Mara - 3 Days from US$ 300
Amboseli - 3 Days from US$ 450
Nairobi | Maasai Mara | Amboseli - 7 Days from US$ 875
Samburu | Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru- 7 Days from US$ 1385
Maasai Mara | Samburu | Mombasa - 12 days from US$ 1499
Kenya Luxury Tented Flying Safaris
Luxury camping safaris in Kenya offer you all the luxuries found in 5 or 4 star lodges with an authentic African feel. This is luxury in the African bush. The birds chirping in the trees, the friendly monkey greeting you at your tent, the roar of the lion and the laughing hyena will give you great memories of Kenya and its famed national parks on your luxury tented safari. Maasai Mara
Sweet Waters

Kenya Birding Safaris

Maasai Mara | Lake Naivasha | L. Bogoria | Samburu - 9 Days
Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Mt. Kenya | Amboseli - 13 Days
Kenya Lodge Safaris

Kenya Lodge Safaris take place in luxury lodges located within the national parks and game reserves of Kenya. These are luxury accommodations with all the mordern ammenities located deep within the african bush and will offer you a home away from home on your safari holiday in Kenya

3 Days Maasai

3 Days Amboseli National Park

Kenya Safari Holidays

Nairobi Hotel Booking Rating Price starts at;
For Nairobi Budget Hotels Click Here
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Hotel Boulevard * US$ 73
Sarova Panafric Hotel Nairobi Six eighty hotel US$ 45
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Fair view Hotel US$ 117
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Sarova Panafric * US$ 75
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Nairobi Serena * US$ 197
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Nairobi Hilton US$ 132
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Panari hotel US$ 136
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Norfolk Hotel US$ 198
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Nrb. Safari Club * US$ 124
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Holiday Inn US$ 183
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Hotel Intercontinental US$ 165
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Girraffe Manor US$ 505
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Sarova Stanley US$ 152
Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi Grand Regency US$ 161
*Good value Hotel    

Mombasa Beach Safaris

Kenya beach holidays in Mombasa; Stare at the sky blue waters of the indian ocean as you shade your eyes that will be dazzled by the whitesands at the beach, take a stroll on the beach by the moonlight or spend the evening listening to the rythm of the African drums as you have a night cap. Your memories of Mombasa will last a lifetime.
Mombasa Beach Safaris

Beach Holiday Packages in Kenya

Whitesands Beach Resort
Hemingways Beach Resort
Leisure Lodge Beach Resort
Kipungani Explorer
Serena Beach Hotel

Discount Mombasa Hotel Booking

Rating Price starts at US$

Voyager Beach Resort *

Southern Palms $71
Petley's Inn Lamu $101
Club Sun n Sand * n-0n-0n-0n-0 $65
Whispering Palms $60
Bamburi Beach Hotel $125
Nyali Beach Hotel n-0 $118
Travellers Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0 $125
Safari Beach Hotel n-0n-0n-0n-0 $130
LTI Kaskazi n-0n-0n-0n-0 $104
Diani Reef Resort n-0n-0n-0n-0 $89
Papillon Lagoon Reef n-0n-0n-0 $79
Le Soleil Club n-0n-0n-0n-0 $55
Sands at Nomad n-0n-0n-0 $77
Severin Sea Lodge * n-0n-0n-0n-0 $45
Kiwayu Safari Village Lamu n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $459
Sarova Whitesands* n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $70
Mombasa Serena Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
Leopard Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
Nyali Beach Hotel n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
Samburu Maasai Mara Mt Kenya The Ark Amboseli Lake Manyara Tarangire National Park Ngorongoro Crater Serengeti Arusha Mombasa Nairobi Tanzania
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Gorilla Trekking - 5 Days

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