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Camping Kenya safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Amboseli - 3 Days
Nairobi | Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Amboseli - 7 Days
Samburu | Lake Nakuru | Maasai Mara | Amboseli - 13 Days
Maasai Mara | Lake Naivasha | Samburu | Tsavo West - 12 days

Kenya Lodge Safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Amboseli - 3 Days
Nairobi - Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Amboseli - 7 Days
Nairobi - Maasai Mara - Lake Nakuru - Samburu - 8 Days
Maasai Mara | Amboseli | Samburu | Tsavo - 13 Days

Kenya Flying Safaris

Maasai Mara - 3 Days
Samburu | Amboseli | Maasai Mara - 8 Days

Safaris from Mombasa

Mombasa | Tsavo - 1 Day
Mombasa | Salt Lick- 2 Days
Tsavo East | T. West - 2 Days
Tsavo East | T. West - 3 Days
Tsavo East | Amboseli - 4 Days
Mombasa Beach Safaris

Bird Watching Safaris

Maasai Mara | Lake Naivasha | L. Bogoria | Samburu - 9 Days
Maasai Mara | Lake Nakuru | Mt. Kenya | Amboseli - 13 Days

Mount Kenya Climbing

Chogoria Route - 7 Days
Narumoro Route - 5 Days
Sirimon Route - 6 Days

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Umbwe Route - 7 Days
Marangu Route - 7 Days
Machame Route - 8 Days

Kenya Special Safaris

Honeymoon Safari - 6 Days
Hot Air Balloon Safari
Missionary Safari
Educational Tour
Walking Safari
Golf safari

Nairobi- Mombasa Safaris

Rhino Special - 13 Days
Nyati Special - 15 Days

Tanzania Safaris

Ngorongoro Crater - 3 Days
Tanzania Classic - 4 Days
Discover Tanzania - 6 Days
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Kenya Country Information

Revered by anthropologists as the 'cradle of humanity', Kenya is also the heart of African safari country, boasting the most diverse collection of wild animals on the continent.
Republic of Kenya
Area: 582,645 sq km Capital: Nairobi
Population: 34 million, 51 per sq. km, 47% growth
Life Expectancy: 51 Infant Mortality: 55 per thousand
Doctors per mn: 15
Currency: Kenya Shilling (KSh)

GDP: $11549 mn, $350 per capita, - 3.9% growth
ODA: $459 mn
Exports: Tea, Coffee, Horticultural produce
Dev. Index: 0.396
Time: GMT+3 Dial Code: 254

The Government
Head of State: President Emilio Mwai Kibaki
Gov't Party: 'Grand coalition government composed of PNU, ODM, KANU, amongst other parties in parliament:
Election Type: National Assembly Period: 5 yrs Next:December 2007
Gov't System: Republic Unicameral, directly elected National Assembly holds legislative Power: Executive power held by president, also directly elected for 5years.
Legal System: Based on English common law, tribal law, and Islamic laws judicial review in High court accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction.
Colonized by: British
Independence: 12 Dec 1963

The Geography and Climate
Coastline: 536km Geo Coordinates: 1 00N, 38 00E
Health Risks: Malaria exists all year throughout the country. There is normally little risk
in Nairobi and in the highlands (above 2500 metres) of Central, Rift Valley, Eastern
Nyanza and Western Provinces. Rabies.
Rivers: , Galana, Tana Lakes: Lake Turkana
Highest Pts: Mount Kenya 5199 feet

National Parks
Aberdares, Amboseli, Arawale, Chyulu Hills, Dodori, Gedi, Hells Gate, Lake Bogoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Marsabit, Meru, Mount Elgon, Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot, Nairobi, Ol Donyo Sapuk, Saiwa Swamp, Shimba Hills, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Ruma,
Ndere, Ndere, Kora, Marine
Game Reserves: Kakamega Forest, Masai Mara, Samburu Springs
Climate: Varies from tropical along coast to arid in interior.
Rain Season: April - May and October - November
The Culture and Society

Ethnic Groups: Luhya 21%, Kalenjin 17%, Kisii 6%, Non-African(Asian,European and
Arab) 2%, Kikuyu 24%, Luo 20%, Kamba 10%, Meru 10%
Religion: Christian 66%, Indigenous Beliefs 26%, Muslim 7%, Other 1%
No. of Households: 3 Languages: English (Primary Education) Swahili (Primary

The Education
Male Youth Illiteracy: 5%, Primary Education: 8yrs Pupil per Teacher: 30

The Economy
Current Account: $ 24.5 mn
Foreign Debt: $6562 mn

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Mombasa Beach Safaris

Kenya beach holidays in Mombasa; endless blue skies, stunning whitesands beaches framed by whispering palm fronds. Dancing to an African Drum beat long into the night. Cool water and hot sun on your skin. Your memories of Mombasa will last a lifetime.
Mombasa Beach Safaris

Beach Holiday Packages in Kenya

Whitesands Beach Resort
Hemingways Beach Resort
Leisure Lodge Beach Resort
Kipungani Explorer
Serena Beach Hotel

Discount Mombasa Hotel Booking

Rating Price starts at US$

Voyager Beach Resort *

Southern Palms $71
Petley's Inn Lamu $101
Club Sun n Sand * n-0n-0n-0n-0 $65
Whispering Palms $60
Bamburi Beach Hotel $125
Nyali Beach Hotel n-0 $118
Travellers Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0 $125
Safari Beach Hotel n-0n-0n-0n-0 $130
LTI Kaskazi n-0n-0n-0n-0 $104
Diani Reef Resort n-0n-0n-0n-0 $89
Papillon Lagoon Reef n-0n-0n-0 $79
Le Soleil Club n-0n-0n-0n-0 $55
Sands at Nomad n-0n-0n-0 $77
Severin Sea Lodge * n-0n-0n-0n-0 $45
Kiwayu Safari Village Lamu n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $459
Sarova Whitesands* n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $70
Mombasa Serena Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
Leopard Beach n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
Nyali Beach Hotel n-0n-0n-0n-0n-0 $99
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Uganda Safaris

Gorilla Trekking - 5 Days
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